Cleve — NFT solutions for exchange, trade and tokenization of intellectual property

Applying DeFi, NFT and Blockchain technologies to real world applications resulting in a faster, simpler and more cost effective process. Cleve NFT Platform aim on improvement and implements innovations to the existing market.

NFT Transferability And Liquidity

NFTs bring the ability to tokenize and capture ownership (or other rights) into a digital asset which can be transferred and traded freely on open markets.

Cross-Chain Interoperability and integrated exchange

Imagine you don't need exchange services anymore. It's possible now with $CLEVE (with extra low commissions of course).

Secure Decentralized Exchange and Trading

Additional confirmations for external transactions, Oracle trading support. No need to seek for charts — all at once in Cleve.

$CLEVE token as multipurpose asset

Not only trading token, $CLEVE is utter enough to provide safe transactions on our NFT Platform instead of gas. That simply decrease commissions and allows to exchange safe and cheap.

Cleve utilises the latest decentralised and existing centralised infrastructure

Real world asset title searches and transfer of ownership

Intellectual property services including searches and registrations worldwide

Educational, Health and Financial sector services and verifications

NFT Creation And Certification Services

Cleve has individual core features that intertwine to create the unique Cleve platform

Our aim is to supply the services and tools to an already existing market but in new & innovative ways. We are not reinventing the wheel, just delivering the tools to make it work better and to be available to many more people worldwide.

Market place

The value of the Intelectual Property market today is a $1 trillion-plus opportunity if the patent market can find a better means of identifying, authenticating, and trading on the IP. The tokenization of intellectual property (IP) will help position patents to be more easily sold, traded, commercialized or otherwise monetized and bring new liquidity to this asset class for investors and innovators.

The real-estate sales commissions, conveyancing and associated services marketplace is enormous and valued at over US$1 trillion dollars worldwide.

The new NFT marketplace and utilisation for Digital & real world assets, Healthcare, Education and the Financial sectors is still to be fully determined, as the potential use cases and demand are growing exponentially.


Q3 2021
Identify Market Needs → Cleve NFT Marketplace Architecture → cleve Protocol Alpha Testing
Q4 2021
CLEVE Token Development → The Data Relay Layer → CLEVE Token Fairlaunch → Cleve Ecosystem Beta testing
Q1 2022
Intellectual Property (IP) protection and certification service → Internal Exchange Platform → Cross-Chain Interoperability
Q2 2022
Cleve applications and plugins development
Q3 2022
Implement developed NFT applications → Cleve NFT Marketplace complete release

Token Distrbution

Token Sale
Cleve reserved

Our Core Goals

Identify Market Needs

Although many Blockchain projects have gained mainstream attention and recognition recently, no cryptocurrency has penetrated digital commerce on a global scale. More precisely, a great divide still exists between most crypto projects and real world solutions.

Flexible Currency

The Cleve Project team decided to step away from traditional viewpoints of monolithic monetary development present in many existing Blockchain projects and introduce the concept of a flexible implementation platform that can incorporate various monetary models.

User-Centric Platform

Arguably, one of the most important parts of the paradigm shift that Bitcoin ignited is the facilitation of a secure, decentralized exchange of value electronically – one that is open to all, and opened the door to the once unrealistic notion of making payments without banks.

Flexible Innovation

One of the most important aspects considered during the development of the Cleve was how to help more people, businesses, governments, NGOs, Students etc., with the power of Blockchain technology.

Secure Decentralized Exchange

An active area of research for the Cleve is giving users the ability to exchange different cryptocurrencies in a decentralized manner to cheaply and quickly trade cryptocurrencies.

How do I buy $CLEVE?

The only place to buy or sell $CLEVE safely is Pancakeswap

Token is – $CLEVE

$CLEVE is paired with BNB – Have BNB in your wallet to buy

Token address is –

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Always check you have the correct CLEVE token address